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Virtual STEM Summer Camps: Keeping Your Bright Kiddo Learning at Home

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Please note: This camp was kindly gifted to our family in exchange for a review. However, the opinions expressed herein are our honest review.

With the world shut down and kids going crazy at home, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to find iD Tech’s Virtual Tech Camps. Our 12-year-old daughter, Lucy, is has completed two days of her Minecraft Modding Camp and couldn’t be happier.

Lucy logged onto the online STEM class remotely

Having a tomboy-ish daughter can prove tricky when searching for the right thing to fill their time. Lucy has always preferred cowboy outfits to dresses, playing in the mud to tea parties and has a love for science. She will tell you math is not her strong suit, but she is rocking it. Homeschooling around the world as a family means Lucy has to take a lot of her learning on her own shoulders as I help her four younger siblings. She’s cruising through her math course like a champ.

As a Biology major myself, I love to see girls that love science and math. They are fascinating fields and women and girls can bring so much to the table!

What is a Virtual Camp?

iD Tech steps in beautifully to this equation by providing over 100 camps every year to kiddos ages 7-19 years. They partner with over 150 university campuses to offer in-person classes and even week-long overnight camps. These look amazing! However, in the midst of our current world situation, none of us can even visit these locations.

Thankfully, iD Tech also offers many of its camps virtually. How does it work?

Before the Class

  • We signed up on their website and were able to pick the timezone that worked best for us (Pacific, Eastern or Hong Kong). We are currently isolating in New Zealand, so we picked 10 am Hong Kong time.
  • Email confirmations told us what program to download (for us, the Java version of Minecraft) and the equipment needed (PC or Mac, headset, Zoom application for video calling).
  • A couple of days before, we received our Zoom meeting link. Zoom is a video conferencing software that we LOVE in our business, so this was a perfect fit. It is free to use on a basic level and, so far, is the most stable video conference software we have found. This was a great choice for our iDTech virtual camp! We also received software to download that would work during the class.

The Day of the Class

Lucy was like a girl on the first day of school. She stressed about all of the equipment, what she would wear and that the rest of the family would not interrupt her call. She literally told everyone we talk to (mostly our family) about her camp and how excited she was.

Finally, it arrived! In New Zealand, her camp started at 3 pm. We got her on the call at 2:50 pm and were surprised to find her instructor, Timothy, already in the Zoom meeting. He was prompt and very courteous.

iD Tech limits their virtual camps to five students or less, making it easy for the teacher to give the best instruction. We were lucky (probably because of the time zone) to have only one other student in the class.

Lucy was, of course, immediately embarrassed by everything we did, so we made sure she was OK and let her be.

Enjoying the online STEM class from our dining room

After the Class

Let’s be real: having a tweenage daughter means you don’t always get a happy face from them. I was so pleased when Lucy’s class was over to see her BEAMING. She was practically bouncing off the walls. She was blown away with how much fun she had in her first class. Today, after her second, she is bubbly and fun anytime she is telling me about it. I already know how sad she will be come Friday when this ends. We are checking out future camps already.

I wanted to get Lucy’s opinion about her class straight from her, so I made her write out her own review. (Psst…I’m also her teacher and can get away with impromptu writing assignments like this!)

Lucy’s 12-Year-Old Review

“iD tech camp is a wonderful camp. It was the first online camp I have ever done and it couldn’t have gone better. The instructors are very nice they help you get to where you need to go. They do not leave you. They make sure every student is up-to-date and on the same page. Tech-wise it’s very easy to set up.

When you first get on, they introduce you to everybody who’s on the call. I had never done a Zoom call and it went amazingly smooth. You play maybe a few rounds of a game and learn about each other, then you start updating the software on the first day. For most of the first day you mostly just set up the software and have a bit of fun. Once you finish that it’s usually time to go.

On the next day, you start your first modding. You start with the beginnings and you try to build your own blocks and create your own things like weapons blocks etc. It’s a bit hard to code the first time you try it, but after you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy through the next few days. Mostly we create blocks and as the days go by you get more advanced. By the end of the camp, you know how to create your own blocks and have probably built something cool.

The camp is incredible and worth the money. I doubt there is any other camp that could be better than this for an amazing price. It’s not just for boys! This is for girls too and, honestly, it really couldn’t get any better!”

Logged into the online STEM class from our porch

Why iD Tech for My Child’s STEM Camp?

This family-owned business has over 20 years of experience and 450,000 alumni. iD Tech can take your your child’s love of apps and video games—yes, even Minecraft and Fortnite—and turn them into a foundation for college, internships, and dream careers at companies like Google, EA, and Tesla. I know we are all feeling some guilt about the amount of screen-time our kids are getting right now (especially those of us who are working from home also!), but you don’t need to feel guilty about this.

Additionally, iD Tech offers all-girls camps, pre-collegiate teen-only Academies, an advanced capstone experience, and year-round Online Private Lessons.

How Do I Sign Up My Child?

Visit iD Tech’s website and take a look at their virtual camps. The courses for the spring virtual camps mostly center around gaming and coding. Subjects cover C++, Java, Python, AI, machine learning, VR, 3D printing, game dev with Fortnite, Unreal, Minecraft, Roblox, and more. Additionally, summer classes include things like video editing, animation and storytelling on a YouTube channel.

Use my personal link to sign up and use my code LESLIE125 for $125 off!

Let iD Tech Do the Teaching For You

In addition, iD Tech offers private lessons for your kids, which could be a huge help while you are trying to figure out schooling at home! During this time of isolation, siblings can join these classes for free also. Make your life a little easier and check it out!

What Does It Cost?

Normally virtual camps cost $499. Currently on the website you can get $100 off, however, I’ve got an even better deal! Use code LESLIE125 for $125 off.

If your child is bored, tired of isolation and wants to have some amazing fun while learning (note: all child are included here!), win “Parent of the Year” and get them an online camp. For extra credit, you can always make them write about it too 🙂

Stay safe!


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