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If three is a crowd, what does that make seven?! 🙂

We are Chris, Leslie, Lucy, Grant, Lincoln, Harrison, and Grace. Together we are the 7 Wayfinders. In May 2018 we packed up, sold our possessions, sold our home and cars, and left our regular life to travel the world. 

We spent seven months in Asia, six months in Europe, six months in New Zealand, and had plans for South America when Covid-19 hit!  We locked down in NZ for a while and fell in love with that beautiful country before coming back to the US on July 4, 2020.

We spent a year in the US waiting for the world to recover from Covid.  Now, we are back!!

We are exploring South and Central America over the summer of 2021 and will move to Portugal later in 2021.  After all of our travels, having our children learn a foreign language became important to us.  We loved our time in Portugal and chose it as our next home.

Overall, our goals are to empower other families to travel more, to break the mold of society and expectations they feel like they “should” fill, and to really LIVE the way they want to.  We love our full-time travels and desire to be your platform for learning more about full-time travel.  However, we encourage ALL travel as a family since it’s our greatest passion.  We collect MEMORIES, not STUFF.

  • Current Month: 44

  • Currently: Portugal


Say hello to our optimistic, adventurous dad. He loves being a dad and husband more than anything else he does, but he also rocks our business in online marketing consulting. See his LinkedIn profile here and website here. Chris was born and raised in Utah and loves breaking and bending rules. He loves the sun, alone time with Leslie, is a serial night-owl (which helped him work all night long in Asia), and is slightly afraid of swimming in open water. He has a weakness for bags, especially leather ones, and spends all our free money on photography and videography equipment. He is usually the guy behind the camera or flying the drone in prohibited places. Check out our IG feed to see his amazing work!

Instagram: @redbeardedwayfinder


Like all moms, she is the command center of the family. Growing up an only child, she hated how quiet the house was and filled her own with five noisy kids. Leslie and Chris work together in their multiple businesses and love being digital nomads! Leslie is the voice behind most of the social media and blog. Being a mom and wife are her primary passions in life, but she is also a science nerd (biology major), party-planner, people gatherer, will try almost any food, loves the adventure, hides dark chocolate around each Airbnb for when it is most needed and loves Disney.

Instagram: @mamawayfinder


The oldest of the five wayfinder kiddos, Lucy is a leader in all senses of the world. After a year of travel, she is more competent than most adults. She excels at many sports, babysitting, can exchange foreign currency, face foreign language barriers, go shopping and so much more. We couldn’t do the trip without her! She loves a good book, Lego sets, hide-and-seek, playing with her baby sister, wrestling with her dad, winning at any and all completions, and is always up for adventure.

Instagram: @lucywayfinder


Our peacemaker and oldest son, Grant is a wonderful big brother. He naturally loves to be all together, so full-time travel has been his dream come true in many ways. He desperately misses his stuffed animals, however, and cries about stuffed animals in general on a regular basis. He is a loyal and true friend and loves deeply. Grant is a natural rule-follower, loves to pitch in and help others, and is such a true heart. He loves Winnie the Pooh, food (he is always hungry!), his family, and running outside.

Instagram: @grantwayfinder


Our adorable middle child, Lincoln is unique and an old soul. Having overcome some sensory and speech issues at a young age, Lincoln is now very mature and usually the easiest child (for now!). He is a lover and very affectionate to his family and friends. He is also a wanderer and has almost been left many times or gotten himself lost. He loves the beach, a good cuddle and our one-on-one dates. He is a bit of a romantic and gets horribly embarrassed when cute girls try to talk to him.

Instagram: @lincolnwayfinder


The third boy and fourth child, Harrison knew from birth he’d have to be loud to be heard. He’s perfected that with the loudest voice of all! He’s always had a deep, loud voice and we all tread carefully around Harry. However, he loves so deeply and is such a cutie. He’s naturally quite funny and loves to be out and about. He loves reading and has most Dr. Seuss books memorized after hours and hours of listening to them. Harry loves cuddling, Legos, marshmallows, learning about how things work (and often taking things apart to see how they work) and playing tag.

Instagram: @harrisonwayfinder


The peach of the family and by far the most spoiled, Grace was built for our travel lifestyle. She is easy going, happy and peaceful almost always. She has slept in different beds every week few weeks for most of her life and just goes with the flow! She is constantly entertained and taken care of by four adoring siblings and has mom and dad wrapped around her finger. She is super social and outgoing, loves “girly stuff”, brings princes dreasses everywhere (the fancier the better!), sings and dances to herself, and is obsessed with getting nails done.

Instagram: @gracewayfinder