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15 Photos That Will Inspire Your Next Trip To Morocco

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Last Updated on June 5, 2024 by Leslie Stroud

Have a camera and want to use it? Morocco will fulfill your photographer’s fantasies. We took so many photos on our 7-day whirlwind tour of Morocco that my photographer-hungry husband got a little tired of taking pictures.

I picked Morocco for his 40th birthday celebration because Morocco is a unique, diverse, picturesque destination you’ve likely not seen anything like before.

Even though Morocco is very strict with drones, your camera will eat up the stunning landscapes, the colors of the medinas, the incredible animal sightings, the staggering mosques, and more.

I’ve compiled this visual lookbook of Morocco to inspire your next trip there! Be sure to read my Tips For Visiting Morocco to understand better what to expect.

Famous Mosque in Casablanca
Stunned by the beauty of Sahara Desert dunes
Hassan II Mosque interior design
Flavorful Moroccan meal
We can’t miss taking pictures with the camels in the Sahara Desert
Sahara night photo
Hassan II Mosque tour
Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah
Muhammad V Square Casablanca
Cooling off in a Marrakesh Riad
Blue streets of Chefchaouen
Inside the Mosque of Hassan II
Chefchaouen at night
Ancient fossils shaped into modern items

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Where To Stay in Morocco?

The best way (for us) to enjoy Morocco is to stay in a luxury camp which we did. We loved everything about our experience overnight! Check these luxury camps:

If staying in luxury camps is not your choice, there are several guesthouses and hotels you can look at:

Top Things To Do In Morocco

Here are the other top activities you shouldn’t miss out on! To know about our incredible experience, check this blog article:

Pictures are the best way to preserve memories. Gear up and start planning your trip to Morocco! Check out our list of essential photography equipment.



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