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Taking a Greek Cruise as a Family

Reading Time: 14 minutes For those wanting to visit Greece and enjoy the beautiful, ancient islands of the world, taking a family can present some challenges.  Each Greek island, of which there are hundreds, sits a considerable distance from its neighbors.  For example, a ferry ride from Athens to Santorini can last 10 hours […]


Tourist Car Lease in Europe

Reading Time: 9 minutes Are you dreaming of a European adventure but want the flexibility of your own wheels for an extended stay? We’ve been there! We thought we needed a long-term car rental. However, it turned out that a short-term car lease in Europe was a better fit. With this solution, we were […]

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Learning To Make Macarons in Paris With Kids

Reading Time: 6 minutes Paris, often referred to as the City of Love, offers more than just romance; it’s also a perfect destination for a family adventure. We tried a memorable experience that combines fun and learning: learning to make macarons in Paris with our kids! This delightful culinary journey not only satisfied our […]


Discovering Madeira as a Family

Reading Time: 11 minutes Given the flood of questions about our relocation to Portugal, I’ve taken the plunge and launched a second blog titled ‘The American Family in Portugal’. Join us as we share our journey and insights into expat life in this beautiful country! Even though we’ve lived in Portugal for two years […]


Amazing 5-Day Scotland Itinerary for Families

Reading Time: 10 minutes Misty, mysterious, green rolling hills are a notable part of the gorgeous country of Scotland, but they are not all Scotland has to offer. This relatively small country boasts charming towns, unique outdoor experiences, and fantasy-inducing sights. *Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Opinions shared are my own, and […]