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17 Incredible Things To Experience In Morocco

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Ready to fall in love with your next destination? Morocco stands a good chance of stealing your travel-loving heart. From the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the barren Sahara desert, Morocco offers a landscape for everyone. Visit the grand mosque of Casablanca, and a few hours later, immerse yourself in the gorgeous blue city.

Dating as a couple in Chefchaouen

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Fun Facts About Morocco

  • Morocco offers an incredible variety of landscapes, diversity, and ancient culture.
  • The ancient Berber people have deep roots, but there are touches of Spanish, French, and Arabic influence everywhere.
  • Shopping the maze-like souks in the medinas of the imperial cities throws you into a chaotic, sensual experience of color, smells, and noises.
  • Official languages of Morocco include Standard Arabic and Standard Berber. However, French is very prominent and is also taught in school.
  • Morocco, as a whole, loves cats and doesn’t really like dogs. You’ll see lots of cats on your travels!
  • Multiple mosques populate each city in Morocco. A smaller city can easily have 3-4 mosques. You can recognize them with their beautiful towers.
  • Marrakesh is often called the Red City, while Chefchaoen is the famous Blue City.
  • Morocco is the backdrop to many major motion films and has an entire city, Cinema City, full of sets. Many Moroccans work in the film industry.

Where to even begin planning your trip to Morocco can be intimidating. What should you put on your list with so much to see and likely only a few days to do it? Here are my recommendations for what to experience in Morocco.

1. Souks of Marrakech

Shopping in Morocco souks

You’ll likely enter Morocco through Marrakech or Fez. Marrakech lands itself as one of the top cities to visit in the world. It’s only an hour away from Lisbon (our current home!).

Its bustling activity and intensity can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but shopping in the souks inside the medina (old city) is an experience you must try.

Note that the vendors border on harassment, which can be less with a guide. If you are worried, book a guided tour like this.

2. Take A Night Tour And Eat With A Local 

Marrakech Private Night Market Tour with a local tour guide

City tours aren’t just for daytime! Experience medina with a local and enjoy street foods with them. We shopped (significantly cheaper once we knew where to go!), explored, and munched the night away.

From pastries to the tender meat of tanjiri, your mouth will thank you!

3. Sleep in the Sahara

A trip to the Sahara will cost you some serious driving time but is well worth the effort.

When booking our trip, I almost skipped the Sahara due to our limited days and all the time it takes to get to the Sahara. However, I asked a fellow travel family mom, and she said it was the highlight of their trip! I would agree. Visiting and sleeping a night in the Sahara Desert will be your highlight also.

The stunning landscape, brilliant night skies, and fantastic luxury tents make this a winning adventure! We stayed with Roaming Camels Luxury Camp and thoroughly loved our camel ride and overnight experience. I would recommend staying with them as well.

Beautiful Sahara Desert luxury camp at night

Check out some of the night photography we were able to take.

Even if you’re in the middle of a desert, you can still get a good night’s sleep and find comfort in these other luxury camps as well:

If you’re hesitant to stay in a luxury tent, try one of these guesthouses near Merzouga:

4. Explore Fossil Factories in Ephod

Amazing handcrafts can be seen in fossil factories in Morocco

If Morocco wasn’t already fantastic, did you know it’s stocked with fossils? You can see factories discovering these ancient fossils and shaping them into modern items like tables, sinks, and many more.

5. Walk Through Movie Magic and History Combined in Aït Ben Haddou

Fortress in Aït Ben Haddou

This site has been restored and used for many TV series and movies, an ancient fortress made with stone and packed mud.

From Gladiator to Game of Thrones, this gem has seen its fair share of A-List actors. However, the village still houses a few families full-time and will wow you with its culture and experience.

Bagdad Cafe in Aït Ben Haddou welcomed us very warmly

One of my favorite things in Aït Ben Haddou is watching traditional paintings with indigo, saffron, and sugared tea. With heat, the tea emerges into brown tones on the paper. To witness it is magical!

Traditional in its way, but this painter is fantastic!

6. Take A Selfie With The Tree Goats of Sous Valley

Goats in Sous Valley climb Argan trees to eat berries
Source: Unsplash

Goats in trees? Yep, it’s a real thing in Morocco! You can snap your selfie with these furry friends and explore the local area.

7. Visit Four Imperial Cities: Marrakech, Meknes, Fez, and Rabat

Orange juice stall in Marrakech

Rich in culture and fantastic medinas, each imperial city is worth a visit. The King of Morocco has working palaces in these cities (and several others).

Take some time to get lost in the maze-like workings of the medinas and take in the tastes, smells, and feelings of these ancient gathering places.

Each city will need a specific tour guide as guides must have a local license. We’d recommend these tours to explore:

8. Go Inside The Only Mosque Open To Non-Muslims In Casablanca

Amazed by the artistry of Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Casablanca inspires magic from the movies, even if the famous movie of the same name wasn’t filmed here. Still, this metropolitan city will also amaze you with its grand mosque. Hassan II Mosque is the only one tourists can enter, and we were thrilled to go inside!

Note that you need a tour, and tours only operate around the five daily prayer times.

End your day by visiting Rick’s Cafe, modeled after the famous film Casablanca.

Took Chris to Rick’s Cafe for a birthday dinner

9. Surf in Taghazout

Source: Unsplash

Morocco gives Portugal some competition in the surf category with some fantastic surfing. The best months to surf are December through March. See beautiful coastlines and brush up on those surf skills in Taghazout.

10. Enjoy The Oasis of Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge and the great Tinghir Oasis

After driving some barren landscape in the Atlas Mountains, this stunning oasis brings to life all the cartoons you saw as a kid. You are not hallucinating and can hike this beautiful area or enjoy the mountain streams.

11. Enjoy The Ocean In Essaouira

Essaouira coast

A more beautiful coastline is available in the port town of Essaouira. Kids will enjoy the cannons lining the sea ramparts, and the medina calls the adventurous to explore.

12. Tanneries and Ceramic Factories in Fez

One of the oldest tanneries we visited in Fez

Be prepared to be wowed by the tanneries in Fez. While they may stink (due to the use of pigeon’s poop for treating the leathers), the process of leather working in Fez demands your visit.

Bring along your wallet to enjoy shopping the ample variety of leather goods for sale.

Additionally, you can visit a government-sponsored ceramic factory to see unique mosaics in the making.

Moroccan Ceramic Factory

13. Immerse Yourself In Chefchaouen, The Blue Pearl City

A mixture of blue and yellow during the sunset in Chefchaouen

The Blue City is our favorite city in Morocco which took my breath away in its beauty. Here you can explore the labyrinth of alleys and walkways, enjoy a nice meal, and hike to the Spanish Mosque for sunset.

We loved our stay at Dar Jasmine, which has a gorgeous view of the city day and night.

You can also try these highly recommended hotels in Chefchaouen:

14. Have An Authentic Moroccan Lamb BBQ

Traditional Moroccan couscous and lamb barbeque for lunch

While driving between Casablanca and Chefchaouen, our tour guide (Idir) treated us to a mouth-watering Moroccan BBQ.

Paired with the traditional tagine, these grilled lamb chops were one of our favorite meals.

15. Get Lost In The Medinas

This one almost goes without saying, as it is hard NOT to get lost in the old parts of the ancient cities.

However, it’s a pleasurable experience and can also be enjoyed with a guide. You’ll love the variety of goods for sale, the smells of local dishes, and the noise of happy people at work.

At the Blue city, hike to the Spanish mosque

16. Explore Ancient Wells in The Desert

Water scarcity takes on new meaning as you cross the barren landscape of the desert.

Learn about ancient wells and irrigation systems called “khettara” and enter the dried-up wells to see the marvel firsthand.

Our guide brought us to this new, living well nearby. Locals use this every day

17. Enjoy Camel Crossings As You Drive Across Morocco

I was rewarded through the countless hours of driving across this vast country by camels crossing the road! Watch shepherds herd their flocks of camels across the desert.

Camels in Morocco can be seen on the roads too

This happens near the Sahara, but wildlife occurs all around Morocco.

Undoubtedly you could spend several months in Morocco and not see all it offers. Have a favorite we didn’t mention? Leave in the comments below!



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