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Our Favorite Places to Eat in Auckland New Zealand With and Without Kids

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Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by Leslie Stroud

Eating is basically a necessity, but it can also be a passion.  For us who travel with kids a lot, we’ve planned whole trips around foodie locations! Check out our foodie IG here.

Our experience in New Zealand overall didn’t wow us with amazing eats, but there are still gems to be found.  Auckland, however, had some really amazing food

Giapo Auckland

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Breakfast in Auckland

  • Beach Bistro: We spent three months in Long Bay, Auckland, and loved our breakfasts here in Brown’s Bay.  The food is superb and the service is wonderful, but the views are what kept us coming back.  Eating breakfast, watching the ocean, and then taking a stroll along the beach is a perfect morning date.
  • Odette’s Bakery: Snag some amazing French Toast, omelets, or other amazing food in this awesome bakery.  They are not just open for breakfast, but it’s their breakfast which we loved the most!
Eating out together

Family Dinner in Auckland

  • The Grounds at Whoa Studios:  This was, hands-down, our favorite place for dinner with kids.  Their food and service were so good. They have a massive, amazing playground outside the restaurant which is a big plus for parents! There used to be some shows in the studios, but sadly, they have been permanently closed.
  • Mexico Britomart: We crave Mexican food around the world and this restaurant didn’t fail us. The food and the ambiance will make you feel like you’re actually in Mexico.
  • Pizza at Al Volo:  Delish comfort food can be wonderful with kids – and to your diet too! Al Volo makes crafty and healthy pizzas! They have Vegan and Gluten-free crusts.
Auckland has a lot of good restaurants

Date Night Dinner in Auckland

If you can get a sitter, which we always do when we travel, hit up a nice place together! Here are some places to see:

  • Soul Bar and Bistro:  If you want a to dine in an open area (because Covid still scares you), or enjoy spectacular sunset views, fabulous DJ’s playing the perfect soundtrack to end your week right, this Bistro got you covered! Chris and I had chose to have a romantic date night on the waterfront while enjoying their amazing cuisine.  Everything we ordered delighted us!
  • White + Wong’s:  Having spent seven months in Asia, we often need to fill out Asian cravings.  This resto reminded me of a nicer PF Chang’s and we’d love to go back. White + Wong’s gives classic Asian street foods a special version.
  • Depot:  Most of their dishes are cooked over charcoal or hard wood that makes it luscious. More of a contemporary menu, this gem will fill your foodie desires.
  • Apero: We didn’t eat here personally but had a great recommendation from a food expert that this is a great choice.  Wonderful for wine as well!

Snacks in Auckland

Need a quick snack for the kids?  We loved this shop, Best Ugly Bagels, which offers bagels with Nutella, butter, sandwiches, and more.  Most importantly, they have gluten-free bagels which were incredible!  Grab a bag to take home too.

Bagels from Auckland

Dessert in Auckland

Giapo:  I’m only listing one place because this is the only dessert you need.  I’m not even a huge fan of ice cream, (although the rest of my family is), but I’d go here any day and be super excited.  We LOVED Giapo.  Not only is everything Gluten-free, but their ice cream creations are truly mind-blowing.  

Must have’s:

The Broken Cone: If you are like me and love the ice cream at the bottom of a cone, go for this bad boy!  It’s already broken and delicious (and gluten-free!!)

The Broken Cone

Colossal Squid Cone: The “mascot” of this ice cream shop, this chocolate squid is delicious on top of an ice cream cone!

Colossal Squid Cone

Donut Cone:  I’m a sucker for ANY gluten-free donut, because how often can you really get one?!  However, this donut is delish if you are going gluten-free or not.  Mix it with an ice cream cone and wham!

Donut Cone

Selfie Cone: Snap some fun selfies and then eat this delicious chocolate frame covered in corn flakes.

Selfie Cone

Where to Stay in Auckland as a Family

Here are some of the good hotels around Auckland:

SkyCity Hotel Auckland – Sits next to the iconic Sky Tower and SkyCity Casino.

Heartland Hotel Auckland Airport – Whether you’re on a business or family trip, this hotel will give you a free 24-hour shuttle service to the airport.

The Grand by SkyCity – You have an option to book a contemporary 5-star room where you can enjoy the views of the Auckland Harbour and the city Skyline.

Fun Things to do in Auckland as a Family

Hobbiton & Waitomo Caves Day Trip with Lunch – Visit the actual Hobbiton Movie Set, from the Lord of the Rings. Best for LOTR fans!

Zipline and Native Forest Adventure Trip – Experience the 3 stunning 650-foot ziplines above the New Zealand bush and look down over beautiful vineyards and tracts of the original forest.

Nelson: Skywire Experience – Enjoy a fascinating ride on the world’s longest Skywire!

Flying Fox Nelson

Enjoy Auckland and eat your way through your next trip!



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