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Spending Our Anniversary In Kauai

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Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Leslie Stroud

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It’s day one in Kauai and it also happens to be our anniversary.  Hooray!

Honestly, we are tired from traveling, but we made a great effort to celebrate.  Chris and I are purists when it comes to celebrating special days and we like to go ALL OUT on the day.  In fact, Chris usually doesn’t even work on either his or my birthday or our anniversary.

We didn’t think our anniversary through well when we booked this travel (over 14 months ago) so I’m glad we’re at least not traveling today.  We got in late last night and spent the day trying to catch up.  Chris had to hop on phone calls right after getting out of bed and I had to feed some pretty whiny, excited, and tired children.  Thankfully, I did some research before we came and found a great sitter for tonight.

We tried to hike the Na Pali Coast but found it is actually not accessible unless you are a permitted resident.  They actually have roadblocks and check for a permit.  We saw the signs for the roadblock, but had no idea what the roadblock was for?  When we finally got through, we were pulled off to the side.  They said because there was so much flooding in April and the roads and bridges were washed out, they are not allowing people to drive in and out except for a couple of times per day!  Residents had to register for a special tag and have to go in “convoys” to get back home to their houses.  Woah.

We turned around and made the best of it.  We stopped for our first shaved ice, which was amazing.  It had macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom and was heavenly as it all melted together.  Chris ordered some BBQ to go which was also delicious.

We then found a hike right near us.  Reviews said it would be muddy, which we were okay with.  However, it was more like a mudslide.  It was so slippery!  We also started too late and quickly realized we needed to get back down.  Let’s just say it was a great adventure….  I eventually, after falling on my backside multiple times, just sat down when I got to slip and slid through the mud.  I figured that is what my kids do when hiking and it might help me not to break a wrist.  Chris fell many times also and, as time wore on, we were soon in pitch-black darkness.  Thank goodness for a cell phone flashlight or we would not have made it back to the car!

We had many frogs join us, although with many bugs and tons and tons of mud.  Eventually, we will get a video of our adventure.  Sadly, we only made it to the first lookout point!  I think we are both too scared to go back, but there are many hiking options close by.

We came back and showered and then had an amazing dinner at the St. Regis hotel.  It was heavenly flavors, textures, and perfect portions.  They were incredible with gluten-free and the service was one of the best we’ve ever had.  It was a perfect ending to a fun night.

I can’t believe it has been 14 years.  While I can see that we have changed, I still see Chris as the handsome, driven man I met when he was 21.  I still love his energy, his love of life, and his dedication to us as a couple and now our family.  My life would be so much less rewarding and wonderful without him.

Black and white photo of Chris and Leslie at dinner in Kauai

In an effort to be totally mushy, here is my quick list of fourteen things I love about being married to Chris.

  1. How he pushes me out of my box. I would be so rigid without him.
  2.  That he loves life as much as I do
  3. That together we make such a stronger team than either of us alone
  4. That he is so dedicated to providing for our family and does such a good job of that
  5. That he loves to travel!
  6. I love that he loves his children and is so wiling to also dedicate his life to them
  7. I love his deep testimony of our Savior and Heavenly Father
  8. I love that he calms me down when I tend to get too stressed. He is like the pressure relief valve on my stress
  9. I appreciate that we both stand up for what we believe in, even though sometimes this results in some strong “conversations”
  10. I love that he is such an optimist. Even in the darkest hour, he is still positive and hopeful. It is a good yin to my more pessimistic yang
  11. I love that we are both goal-oriented and want to make progress. We have accomplished so much and will keep doing so
  12. I love his playful side that keeps things light and funny
  13. I love to see him wrestle and play with our children. Nothing makes a mommy heart happier.
  14. I am so grateful we are both trying to make it to our eternal goals and can do this journey together.

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