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Ultimate Egypt 10-Day Itinerary With Kids

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We just wrapped up our 10-day journey through Egypt, and I have to say… we are all reluctant to leave. After exploring more than 45 countries around the world with five kids, Egypt quickly became one of our top five favorite destinations!

What makes Egypt so special? How did it capture our hearts when it’s our 49th country with kids?

Honestly, you just have to experience it to understand! From the awe-inspiring pyramids, the mesmerizing Nile River, to the rich history and culture, Egypt will likely enchant you as well.

The kids loved Egypt just as much as we did! They were fascinated by all the incredible history.

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Days 1-3: Cairo (3 nights)

Day 1: Cairo Awaits!

Most flights land bright and early at Cairo International. We landed at 4:30 am! After meeting your awesome guide (who’ll be a lifesaver), check-in and get settled. The rest of the day is yours – relax and get those travel legs rested. We took a 5-hour nap before heading out for the day. You can start seeing the sights or allow everyone to rest and hit the pool.

Optional sightseeing: Cairo old town markets or Hanging Church. You can also visit the supposed cave that Jesus lived in when his family came to Egypt.

At night, grab dinner at your hotel, with a mind-blowing view of the illuminated pyramids. Trust me, it’s a must!

Stay: Overnight at hotel in Giza.

Exploring Cairo before
the Pyramids is a must;
it sets the stage for Giza’s
incredible history.

Day 2: Pyramids & Sphinx – Checked off the Bucket List!

Morning: Fuel-up, then dive into ancient treasures at the Egyptian Museum. The golden masks and mummies of King Tut await! *Doing this early avoids some of the crowds, and you get to see the mummies first.

Afternoon: Who’s ready for a classic camel ride around the legendary Pyramids? Pinch yourself; this view is unreal! Explore the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and smaller tombs up close.

Evening: Recharge at the hotel before tomorrow’s adventure.

Stay: Overnight at hotel in Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

Day 3: Dahshur to Aswan – History Overload!

Morning: Rise and shine, history fans! First up, the mind-bending Bent and Red Pyramids at Dahshur and the Ancient capital of Memphis (with colossal statues!).

Refuel: Local lunch – maybe you’ll love ful mudammas (egyptian fava beans) like my kids.

Afternoon: The Step Pyramid at Saqqara takes architecture to new heights.

Evening: Stay near Cairo airport for Aswan flight, early morning on the next day. 

Stay: Overnight hotel near Cairo airport

Khafre Pyramid, Egypt
The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Khafre
Pyramids at Dahshur
Pyramid at Saqqara
Touching the ancient pyramids in Egypt in real life is amazing!
Exploring the inner chambers of the Khufu Pyramid, EgyptIt’s an adventure!

Days 4-5: Aswan (2 nights)

Day 4: Cruising Down the Nile Starts in Aswan

Morning: After arriving at Aswan airport, make the drive into town. Check into your awesome Nubian guest house on the West Bank for some awesome cultural immersion.

Afternoon: Time for some iconic ancient action at Philae Temple on Agilkia Island and the underrated gem, Kalabsha Temple.

Evening: Enjoy the Nile River, and grab a local dinner along with a traditional Nubian show. My kids enjoyed the spinning dervishes!

Stay: Overnight at the Nubian guest house

Taking the boat to Philae Temple is a highlight in Aswan
Nile River, Nubian Village, Aswan, Egypt. Source Unsplash
Nubian guest houses are just gorgeous!

Day 5: Abu Simbel

Morning: Gotta get up early for this one, but it’ll be worth those dreaded a.m. alarms! Head to the enormous, awe-inspiring Abu Simbel to marvel at the temples of Ramses II and Nefertari. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Afternoon: Phew! Back to Aswan for a break and rest. Your kids must feel a bit tired at this point. Stop by the Aswan Dam on the way for a few minutes of learning about this engineering marvel.

Get ready for a short felucca ride to appreciate the sunset! Trust me, it will be worth it!

Evening: A night of Nubian – dinner with all the cultural flair after that sunrise spectacle.

Stay: Overnight at the Nubian guest house

Days 6-7: Nile Cruise to Luxor (2 nights)

Day 6: Aswan Markets & Nile Cruise

Morning: Spend some time exploring the local markets and soaking in the buzzing atmosphere of Aswan. 

Afternoon: Board your luxury Nile cruise ship, and set sail along the iconic river. Stop to explore the quirky Kom Ombo double temple to Sobek (impressive crocodile statues) and Horus. Then, it’s off to the Crocodile Museum to view the real-life mummified crocodiles.

Stay: Overnight on the cruise ship

Day 7: Cruising to Luxor

Morning: Arrive at the jaw-dropping Temple of Horus at Edfu – one of Egypt’s best preserved, biggest temples.

Afternoon: Settle in and soak up those historic Nile views as we make our way to Luxor.

Evening: Open that room balcony and watching life along the river banks after dark. Just…wow!

Stay: Overnight on the cruise ship

Nubian families often keep alligators as pets. You can visit a home and interact with one.
Nile River Cruise Ship

Days 8-9: Luxor (2 nights)

Day 8: Luxor’s East Bank Treasures

Morning: Arrive in Luxor, and prepare to be blown away at Luxor Temple and Karnak complexes – they are enormous!

Afternoon: For the museum fans, head to the fascinating Luxor Museum and Mummification Museum. 

Evening: Check into West Bank Hotel. Arrive before sunset for a dip in the pool.

Stay: Overnight at hotel in Luxor

Day 9: The Bucket List West Bank

Morning pick-me-up: How about a hot air balloon ride over these insane archaeological wonders? Sunrise views never looked so grand!

Afternoon: The iconic Valley of the Kings (catching that epic King Tut tomb), Hatshepsut’s Temple, and those giant Colossi of Memnon are calling your name.

Evening: After that big day, you’ll need a hearty traditional Egyptian feed.

Stay: Overnight at hotel in Luxor

Hot air balloon over Luxor, Egypt

Day 10: See You Soon, Egypt!

Morning: Slept in? Good! You deserved it after that history-packed adventure! Enjoy one last morning to soak it all in.

Afternoon: Depart from Luxor International Airport.

Pro Tips for Family Adventuring:

  • Vendor games are strong here, so be firm with your no’s (“la” in Arabic). Guides have your back!
  • Be careful when accepting any “free” goodies from vendors if you don’t want to get cornered into buying stuff.
  • Bathrooms are limited and cost money. Inform your guides ahead of time, such as before entering the pyramids.
  • Cultural immersion is huge during Ramadan – respect customs, and plan meals accordingly.
  • Those markets are a blast to haggle in, but be wary of “special tour guide stops” for shopping.
  • Overpacking is a rookie move. Stick to layers, sun protection, and hydration essentials.
  • Most importantly? Downtime is a must when traveling with kiddos! Build in chill time.

Click below to download a printable version of this itinerary to save for your next Egypt vacation!



Disclaimer: Use this guide as a recommendation.

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