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13 Fantastic Things to Do In Bergen, Norway With Kids

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As we take a high-speed train away from Bergen back to Oslo this evening, I am awed by the stunning scenery and already miss the former capital of Norway.  Bergen is a delight and offers many activities for families to explore.

Bergen also hosts the second-largest airport in Norway. However, if you are from Oslo, I recommend taking the train to Bergen if you have the time.  The views are well worth the nearly seven-hour journey.  Read about our experience using the Eurail Pass around Europe with our five kids.

Visiting Bergen with kids can highlight your vacation if you find the activities that best suit your children’s interests.  There are cafes, museums, and nightlife that might excite adults and have fun adventures for the little ones.

Bergen is known for having spectacular colorful houses

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It’s Not Raining, It’s Just Bergen!

First, a word of caution.  The saying of locals, “It’s not raining; it’s just Bergen,” is not a joke. This sparkling, emerald, water-filled country doesn’t stay green by chance. The precipitation levels are high, and having several rainy days may ruin your love for this city. 

Trying to entertain kids indoors can be challenging, so pack those raincoats and get outside, even in the rain.  If you can get a sunny day, the breathtaking beauty of this place is sure to charm you back.

Bergen is often rainy! Don’t forget your raincoats!

1. Mt. Fløyen Funicular

Despite a cloudy day, we rode the 26-degree incline on the funicular up to Mt. Fløyen.  Bergen is known as the city of seven mountains, and two of them are Mt. Fløyen and Mt. Ulriken, which you can scale by a funicular or gondola. 

You can easily find the bottom of the funicular on foot in the city center. We saw it on the mountain and headed that way.

The ride for our large family costs about 50€, but it offers a whole day of fun and energy output for our three energetic boys. At the top, you can catch the stunning views of the city and fjords, play on the playground, hike around the troll forest, explore the obstacle course, including the zipline and eat in the cafe.

Hiking back to the town is expected to be a little lengthy for smaller legs.

Ulriken, the highest of the seven mountains that surround Bergen
Source: Unsplash

2. Hiking Between Mountains

Alternatively, you can gondola up to Mt. Ulriken and hike to Mt. Fløyen.  The path is mostly flat, with some challenging sections, and will take around 4-6 hours.

3. Bergen Aquarium

A good option for a rainy day in Bergen (which you are bound to have).  Everything in Bergen is expensive, including admission to this small aquarium, but the chance to see penguins and sea lions may win over your family. There are also fantastic educational shows available. Check the website to time your visit during animal feedings.

Getting the feel of a real knight at The Rosenkrantz Tower

4. Bergen Fortress and Rosenkrantz Tower

Our kiddos loved exploring the old fortress of Bergen, located right next to the charming harbor.  

You’ll see the former sleeping quarters of one of the most famous kings of Norway, Eric Magnus the Lawmender. Our kids love exploring the tower’s spiral staircases, the basement’s dungeon, and small displays.

You can combine the tower and Great Hall admission into one affordable ticket. For our family of seven, we spent around 24€.

Take in Norway from the fjords. Layers are recommended!

5. Go Swimming In The Fjord

Bergen hosts several swimming spots in the sea or the mountains with heated fjord water. Check this blog for some fun options. If you want to go indoors, head to AdO Arena, which has several swimming pools of different temperatures.

6. Sail the Fjords

It’s best to view the fjords by scenic boat tour in this region, but it can be speedy (notice a trend here?!). On our day trip, we booked a fjord cruise to Flöm and loved it. Even if the skies are rainy and cloudy, you’ll still enjoy the scenery. 

Kids may not like the five hours you’ll spend on the boat, thanks to the books you can grab from the fantastic bookstoreNorli, which has tons of young adult books in English (and plenty for adults). This saved our boat trip since our kids read most of the time. There’s also a kid’s room with toys for toddlers on the boat.

Exploring fjords by boat

7. Day Trip To Flöm Or Another Small City

We heard from our Instagram followers that Flöm, Norway, inspired the movie Frozen. Since then, we knew we had to go!  While we couldn’t enjoy all the scenery because of the weather, we did love taking the famous Flöm railway back to Myrdal and the high-speed train to Bergen.  

Myrdal is along the way returning to Oslo, so you can also combine this with your return trip to Oslo.

In hindsight, Bergen is equally inspirational in the movie Frozen. Still, a day trip or overnighter to one of these small villages in the fjords can be a special memory from your vacation.

Immersing in Bergen’s rich history

8. Children’s Museum

We love exploring children’s museums worldwide and find them perfect when the weather is not cooperating. The children’s museum of Bergen, VilVite will keep the kids entertained for several hours. Hands-on exhibits entrap the kids, and there is a cafe for the parents. 

While kids over ten can enter without a parent, younger children require their parents to buy tickets and join them.

House roofs in Bergen are usually made of tiles and bricks

9. Explore The Old City Of Bergen

Winding alleyways and magical wooden houses transport you back centuries in this darling town.  

We loved “getting lost” in Bergen, stopping into shops, and snapping pictures. Be sure to explore the harbor. We had fun stalking some of the super yachts tied up around the harbor and daydreaming of the uber-rich lifestyle.

Kids at Bergen Fish Market are planning what our lunch will be

10. Bergen Fish Market 

Fish has sustained the Scandinavian way of life for thousands of years, and the fish market on Bergen draws visitors by the hundreds.  Kids love seeing the giant king crabs and lobsters in their aquariums, sampling fish and chips, or grabbing desserts like hot donuts and waffles.

You can also grab a nice dinner here, but be prepared to empty the wallet.  Prices for some of the fresh fish took our breath away!

Pepperkakebyen in Bergen, the world’s largest Gingerbread City
Source: Unsplash

11. Gingerbread Town

If you happen to be visiting during the holiday season, stop by Pepperkakebyen, a whimsical gingerbread city.  Volunteers work to create this edible version of Bergen each year, and children will squeal with delight.

12. Ski in Voss

Hit up the largest ski resort in Western Norway with a quick trip to Voss.  The train from Bergen to Voss is easy to access and runs several times daily.  The train ride will immerse you in the exquisite scenery of the area, and some hot chocolate on the slopes will get the kids excited to ski!

A small playground on top of the mountain where you can take the tram up

13. Explore A Castle

If you’ve been in Europe for a long time, you’ve probably seen several castles.  Our kids groan when we mention another castle visit, and after living for a year in Portugal, we’ve visited several castles.  

The current royal residence of Bergen is small compared to some of the other European castle giants but hosts some beautiful grounds.  You can also take a guided tour.

Note: if the flag is up, the king or royal family may occupy the castle!

How Long Should You Spend In Bergen?

We spent three days in Bergen, which felt perfect.  Unless you take several day trips, 2-3 days is ample time to explore Bergen with kids.

Where To Stay In Bergen With Kids

We loved Augustin Hotel right downtown.  The breakfast buffet was excellent and generous, and there were laundry facilities on site (if you have your detergent, you can use their washer and dryer for free!), which was necessary after some rainy hiking. Our room also had an adorable bunk bed. Perfect for our big family!

However, other hotel options in Berger City Centre include:

  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Bergen. Fløibanen Funicular is just a 3-minute walk away.
  • Citybox Bergen City – also located in central Bergen, this hotel offers brightly decorated rooms and is just 400 meters away from Bergen train Station.
  • Grand Hotel Terminus – offers classical rooms and easy access to Fløyen Mountain.
  • Bergen Børs Hotel – this hotel is located in an old stock exchange building from 1862 and is accessible to various museums in Bergen.
  • Thon Hotel Orion – located in Bryggen Wharf District. You’re a 10-minute walk away from the famous Fish Market and the Fløibanen funicular railway.

Other Activities In Bergen 

Enjoy Bergen! We already wish to go back.



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