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Enotel Lido: An All-Inclusive Family Resort in Madeira, Portugal

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Given the flood of questions about our relocation to Portugal and being American expats, I’ve taken the plunge and launched a second blog titled ‘American Family in Portugal’. Join us as we share our journey and insights into expat life in this beautiful country!

We had just concluded our trip to Scotland, and our next destination was none other than – Madeira Island in Portugal. We’ve discovered much on this trip and really had a perfect family vacation!

Unlimited ice cream, swimming, entertainment, and delicious food are the stuff of kids’ and parents’ dreams alike.  If you’ve never experienced an all-inclusive resort, you are missing out!  Pay one set price to enjoy room, dining, and entertainment in one place.  These resorts offer the best of all worlds when it comes to vacation and can be the perfect option for your next family vacation.  

A perfect morning in the pool at Madeira

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We’ve now traveled the world with our five kids for over five years, and Madeira was a new location for us. We’ve visited over 45 countries as a family and have lived in Portugal for now two years, but still have not made it to this island of Portugal. 

As expats who have settled in Portugal for the last two years, we have heard of the glory and beauty of the Portuguese island of Madeira.  The recommendations did not steer us wrong!

Kids taking in Madeira Island’s beauty

Why Travel to Madeira, Portugal as a Family?

A quick 1 hour and 20-minute direct flight from Lisbon lands you on this beautiful island.  Because it is a region of Portugal, you won’t need to pass through customs if coming from Lisbon. (Although direct flights to Madeira are available from 59 cities worldwide, including London, New York, Vienna, Lyon, Tenerife, and more!) 

Almost half of the flights arriving in Madeira each day come from mainland Portugal, either from Lisbon or Porto, and the Madeira International Airport averages about two flights per hour.  That’s a lot of air traffic for a small-ish island!  It’s a digital nomad’s dream.

Where is Madeira, Portugal?

Located in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of mainland Portugal, waters around Madeira are crystal-clear and richly blue but slightly warmer than the brisk waters of its big sister!  Living in Lisbon, we are familiar with the “refreshing” temperatures of our local beaches, so the warmer water was a treat! 

We did some swimming off Cabo Girão, one of the tallest cliffs in the world and a must-see in Madeira, and found the ocean pleasantly warmer!  It may not be the Caribbean, but the beauty of Madeira will fulfill all of your island life desires.

Portugal is located on the western coast of Europe and is relatively close to the US, making it easier to reach than other European nations. 

Breathtaking views from Cabo Girão Skywalk

What Is It Like To Travel To Madeira?

The Portuguese are not only incredibly kind and family-oriented, but they also enjoy getting to know tourists and are notably friendly to Americans

English is prevalent in the tourist spots of Madeira, as most tourists hail from outside of Portugal.  We loved practicing our budding Portuguese skills but were also comfortable spending most of our time speaking in English.

We came to think of Madeira as our “Portuguese Hawaii.”  Lush green valleys, breathtaking beaches, cliffs, capes, and many fun activities around the island make Madeira an ideal family holiday location.

Cascata dos Anjos, is a spectacular waterfall over the old highway ER 101 and is located just outside Ponta do Sol.

Other Reasons To Consider Madeira For Your Family Holidays

Here are some compelling reasons to consider Madeira for your family vacation:

  • Natural Beauty: Madeira is known for its stunning natural landscapes, from lush forests and dramatic coastlines to towering mountains. Exploring these scenic wonders as a family can provide a sense of adventure and appreciation for nature.
  • Mild Climate: Madeira’s mild and temperate climate makes it a great year-round destination for families. You can enjoy outdoor activities without extreme weather conditions.  Temperatures sit around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round!
  • Outdoor Adventures: The island offers a range of outdoor activities suitable for families, including hiking, nature walks, whale watching, snorkeling, and more. These activities provide opportunities for bonding and shared exploration.
Cruising in the waters of Madeira with kids
  • Safe Environment: Madeira is known for its safety, low crime rates, and family-friendly atmosphere. This peace of mind allows families to relax and enjoy their vacation without worry.
  • Cultural Learning: Exposing children to different cultures and traditions is an educational experience. Madeira’s unique Portuguese culture, local festivals, and historical sites can expand a child’s worldview.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Whether discovering hidden beaches, exploring natural pools, or embarking on family hikes, Madeira offers diverse experiences that encourage curiosity and discovery.
We are always fond of seeing animals.
  • Educational Opportunities: Madeira’s botanical gardens, theme parks, and museums provide educational opportunities for kids to learn about nature, history, and culture interactively and engagingly.
More walks and talks with the siblings. We love quiet time!
  • Culinary Exploration: Trying local foods is essential to any travel experience. Madeira offers unique culinary delights that can introduce children to new flavors and expand their palate. We loved the Bolo de Mel, or honey cake! It’s like a fruit cake and gingerbread cake had a baby.
Kids enjoying Madeira island’s traditional cake, Bolo de Mel. A sweet welcome from our hotel!
  • Variety of Activities: Madeira offers a mix of activities suitable for different ages and interests, ensuring that every family member can find something enjoyable to do.
  • Language Exposure: Experiencing a different language can be educational for children, and Madeira’s blend of Portuguese and English-speaking locals makes it accessible for many travelers.
  • Resorts and Family-Friendly Amenities: Madeira has resorts and accommodations tailored to families, offering amenities such as kids’ clubs, pools with water slides, and organized family activities. We loved our stay at Enotel Lido!
Hotels with KidsClub are always a perfect fit for families!
  • Scenic Drives: Exploring Madeira’s scenic roads can be an adventure, with opportunities for stops at viewpoints, picnic spots, and small villages.
  • Cultural Diversity: Madeira has been influenced by various cultures over the centuries, creating a rich and diverse heritage that can be intriguing for children to learn about.
Not to miss one of Madeira’s famous attractions, the Funchal toboggan. So fun with kids!

All-Inclusive Family Holidays in Madeira, Portugal

Now that you’ve got Madeira in your sights for your next family vacation, let me introduce you to the perfect place to stay: Enotel Lido! This was our first all-inclusive resort with our kids (outside of cruise ships), and we are hooked.  I never want to stay at a regular resort again. What we loved:

  • Saving money.  While the upfront price of an all-inclusive resort can seem a bit steep, it’s a wonderful cost-saving for our family.  Eating out as a family of seven gets expensive all over the world.  Sometimes, we also pay for a taxi (or two taxis!) to a restaurant.  We also buy 6-7 tickets everywhere we go for entertainment.  Staying at an all-inclusive resort with food and entertainment available at no additional expense saves us loads of money and time!
Dinner with a view at the lovely Enotel Lido Hotel
  • Culinary delights.  Enotel Lido has three restaurants on-site and a fabulous buffet.  You’ll love the convenience of eating right at your hotel, and you won’t get tired of the food.  We loved the variety at the buffet and the three restaurants: Italian, Madeiran, and Asian (think Hibachi style).  
Enjoying the buffet at Enotel Lido. We love their food.
  • Entertainment on site.  With a kids’ and teen club, two pools, and a fun entertainment schedule, we never lacked things to do!  We did get out to enjoy Madeira, as we had never seen it before, but we easily could have stayed at Enotel Lido for our entire stay.  In fact, the kids were always sad to leave and thrilled to come back to the resort.  They wanted to swim for hours, play with other children in the pool, and eat endless ice cream.
The boys are getting ready for some fun at Enotel Lido. There is a lot to do here!
  • Spacious family room.  We were hosted by Enotel Lido in the spacious 2-bedroom family suite and loved it.  This suite offers a massive balcony with private sun chairs, two bedrooms (each with two double beds), a sitting room with a couch and chairs, and a large bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower.  We could easily shower after the pool and simultaneously put little kids in the bath.  At many hotels, our family of 7 has to split into separate hotel rooms, so we also loved having one enclosed room for our entire family.
Who wouldn’t love a cozy room like this?
  • Location!  Enotel Lido is located right downtown in Funchal, Madeira, and within walking distance of many shops, the beach, and more. The hotel sits right over the ocean, and the large infinity pool provides views of the beautiful Atlantic.  It is only 20 minutes from the airport and easily reached by taxi.
Making memories at Enotel Lido with kids
  • Parking.  In case you want to explore Madeira by car on your trip, Enotel Lido offers free parking in their first-level garage.  This is secure and easily accessible.  
  • Less stress.  We didn’t have to worry about what we were going to do to entertain the kids each day or where we were going to eat.  We didn’t need to make reservations or plan the trip for days.  We easily slipped into the “eat, swim, rest, eat, swim, repeat” cycle that provides true fun and relaxation for all.  We played with the kids in the pool and were then able to rest and enjoy our books while they continued to play with the other children at the resort.  Everyone was happy!

Enotel Lido Madeira offered the base for a wonderful new batch of memories in a beautiful place. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay as a family and would love to make it back in the future!

Having some mom-and-daughter time in the pool of Enotel Lido

Things To Do Near Enotel Lido

In addition to enjoying all the amenities that Enotel Lido has to offer, there are many great things to do near the hotel. Here are a few suggestions:

Seeing more of the island by riding the Funchal cable car
Getting some morning walks and discovery in the gardens
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens: The Botanical Gardens of Funchal are a beautiful place to learn about the plants of Madeira. There are over 2,000 different species of plants on display, including orchids, cacti, and succulents.
Kids are having fun at the Botanical Garden. A refreshing way to start a busy day!
  • Take a whale-watching tour: Madeira is a great place to see whales and dolphins. Many operators are offering whale-watching tours, so you can choose one that fits your budget and interests.
  • Go surfing: Madeira has great surfing spots, including Praia da Ribeira Brava and Praia da Calheta. If you’re a beginner, there are also a few surf schools that offer lessons.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and all-inclusive vacation in Madeira, Enotel Lido is the perfect choice! With its spacious family rooms, delicious food, and endless entertainment, you’ll never want to leave.

Fall in love with Madeira!



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