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How To Visit Lake Bled With Kids: 11 Things To Do as a Family

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Visiting Lake Bled, Slovenia, with kids can be an incredible family adventure. You’ve likely seen the iconic shots of the island in the middle of the stunning lake.

Only 35 kilometers from Ljubljana, where you will likely fly into Slovenia, Lake Bled is a quick 1-hour drive by car.

Renting a car for the day is easy if you are staying in town, and there is so much for families to explore in Lake Bled. Lake Bled offers stunning natural beauty and a range of family-friendly activities. We knew it would be the highlight of our quick trip to Slovenia, and it did not disappoint. Drinking in the beauty of this incredible location would be enough to make it worth a visit, but the many activities available make it even more fun!

Note that swimming is an option in the summer! I wasn’t sure, and we were disappointed we didn’t bring our swimsuits. However, our kids made up for it by simply stripping down and jumping in instead!

Spending an afternoon at Lake Bled with family is wonderful

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What To Do in Lake Bled With Kids

As a small island surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise waters, taking in the scenery of Bled Island is enjoyable enough when you visit Lake Bled. However, we found that there is a lot to do in the area as well!

Taking the Pletna boat with others is an option to get to the island or rent a sailboat and go alone

1. Explore the Lake

  • Getting onto the water is super fun! You can join other travelers on a traditional wooden pletna boat to Bled Island, or you can rent a rowboat of your own.
    • Pletna boats are about 14€ pp versus 20-30€ per rowboat.
  • We walked around until we found a rowboat, went into the hotel that owned them, paid for two boats (the largest only holds six people, and we are seven) for about two hours of use, and we were off! They helped us launch the boat and gave us about two minutes of instructions. We made our older kids row us out to the island, a great learning experience, and then we paddled back and raced each other. Chris, my husband, won. 🙂
  • Rowboats offer you the freedom to come and go to and from the island as your leisure, but it is work! We were definitely sweating when we arrived. To enjoy the ride without the work, go for the pletna boat.
  • You can also rent a pedal boat or SUP (paddleboard), and let the kids paddle on the lake. It’s a fun and active way to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2. Walk or Bike Around the Lake

  • Walking the entire lake only takes 1-2 hours, as it’s only 6 km! It’s stunning, with all the forest behind and quaint cottages dotted through the trees. It’s also fairly stroller-friendly. We walked maybe 1/3 of the way around the lake, about 30 minutes, to Bled Castle from where we parked, and it was delightful.
  • Bikes are readily available but expensive for a family. Our family would have had to pay around $600 for three hours! No thanks. Our legs worked just fine. If you want to bike, it’s best to reserve in advance or bring it to the lake with you. Alternatively, ask several shops and hope you can get a last-minute deal. We only asked one and then decided to walk.
    • Bled Green Ways is an automated bike rental system. You can contact them here.
  • Another option is the Lake Bled Tourist Train, which costs 5€ for adults and 3€ for kids. This cute little train allows you to hop off and hop on around the lake.
Touring the Lake Bled Castle with kids

3. Explore Bled Island With Kids

  • Once you make it to the island, you are welcome to walk around, explore the shops, have some food, take in the views, and get some ice cream.
  • For an additional fee, you can also visit the chapel in the Church of the Assumption and ring the bell while you make a wish. This is why the bell seems to be constantly ringing with a pattern; visitors are ringing it!
  • Your entry ticket will also get you access to the small museum above the gift shop. You can learn more about the history of the island, who has lived there, etc.

4. Visit Bled Castle With Kids

  • Bled Castle is perched on a hill overlooking the lake. It’s a short but steep hike. You can drive to reach the castle, but parking is very limited. You can also take the city bus, which is free.
  • Kids can explore the castle’s medieval walls, museum, and scenic viewpoints.
  • You can take a guided tour designed for children to learn about the history of Bled Castle. Kids can even create their own castle-themed print.
  • The castle has an entry fee, but they offer a family discount. Also, children under five are free. Adults cost around 15€ each. Check out this small group tour.
  • Once inside, there is a small cafe, a restaurant, a printing press, a couple of museums, and some shops to explore. Hours are 8 am to 8 pm in spring, summer, and fall months and 8 am – to 6 pm in winter months.
Enjoying Lake Bled Cream Cake or Kremšnita and Lake Bled at the same time

5. Try a Traditional Bled Cream Cake

  • Savor the signature dessert of Lake Bled, the Bled cream cake (kremšnita), either at the cafe in the castle or at another cafe or bakery around the lake. It’s like a vanilla cream cake topped with layers of pastry dough.
  • You can also find it topped with chocolate. Our kids loved both options! It’s especially beautiful when photographed with the lake views in the background.

6. Swim in Lake Bled or Enjoy Other Water Activities With Kids

  • Lake Bled’s clean, clear water is wonderfully suited for swimming. During the summer months, the lake water is generally warm and comfortable. There are designated swimming areas, including one with a water slide.
  • There are two main swimming beaches in Lake Bled: Grajsko Kopališče and Velika Zaka bathing area.
    • Grajsko Kopališče has a playground, snack bar, water sports equipment, and lounge chairs. It costs around 7€ per person and is located right under the castle.
    • Velika Zaka is free and has a floating dock, a grass area, and chairs.
  • The water is refreshing (aka chilly) but perfect on a hot summer day.
  • Some of the lakeside hotels have docks right on the lake to sun or swim from. Consider staying at one of these lodgings if you want to swim a lot.
  • Note that you can even swim to the island if you’d like, but you can’t go into the church or shops if you are wet.
Kids (and adults) can swim in Lake Bled during warmer months

7. Take a Carriage Ride at Lake Bled

  • Explore the scenic trails around Lake Bled by taking a horse-drawn carriage ride. It’s a relaxing and family-friendly way to see the area.

8. Adventure Park Straža

  • Located on Straža Hill, this adventure park offers activities like a toboggan run, zip lines, a climbing wall, and more. It’s suitable for older kids and teenagers seeking some thrills. Who doesn’t love an alpine coaster?!
  • If you are walking, the pathway is near the Hotel Jadran (south side of the lake).

9. Enjoy Lake Bled Playgrounds

  • Lake Bled has several playgrounds and parks where kids can run, play, and have fun.

10. Hike to Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica Viewpoints

  • Older kids and teenagers can join you for a hike to these viewpoints, which offer breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Bled and the surrounding countryside.
Café at Lake Bled Castle

11. Do A Family Photo Shoot On Lake Bled

  • Lake Bled family photos will be favorites for years to come. Many photographers specialize in photos on Lake Bled. Many will even offer rides from Ljubljana. Be sure to get a photo from inside a boat!

Tips for Taking Kids to Lake Bled

  1. Parking. Parking can be a bit tricky on a super busy day, but just keep driving around. Eventually, you’ll find something. It may just require some extra walking.
  1. Preparation. Lake Bled is generally safe for families, but always keep an eye on your children, especially near the water. There are designated swimming areas with lifeguards during the summer season. Also, remember to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hats, and drink plenty of water.
  1. Check Local Events. Before your trip, check if there are any local events, festivals, or family-oriented activities happening during your visit.
  1. Getting There. If you don’t have a car and don’t want to rent one, you can take a train. The ride length ranges from 1.5-2 hours, and you’ll need to walk or take a taxi for the last four kilometers from the station. Buses are also available hourly to/from Ljubljana.
  1. Cash. Make sure you have euros to rent the boats or for other small expenses throughout the day.
Grace trying to ring the bell at the Church of the Assumption. This is the ringing bell you hear all day during your visit!

Things To See Near Lake Bled With Kids

  • A short drive from Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge is an excellent family excursion. Walk along wooden walkways through the gorge, which features crystal-clear water and waterfalls. Parking is free, and entrance is 5€ for adults and 3€ for kids.

Where To Stay Near Lake Bled

Here are some of the family-friendly accommodations to choose from if you’re traveling around Ljubljana and near Lake Bled:

  • Penzion Berc welcomes families and is a 15-minute walk away from Lake Bled. Kids can enjoy the nearby indoor pool.
  • Bled Rose Hotel is located near St. Martin’s Parish Church and Bled Castle. It has an on-site playground and indoor pool, which are perfect for kids.
  • Rikli Balance Hotel is close to an area where you can do outdoor activities like skiing and rafting. You can also let the kids dip into the kids’ swimming pool with a waterslide.
  • InterContinental Ljubljana, an IHG Hotel is in Ljubljana City Centre and near a train station. This lovely hotel offers a full-service spa. Looking for an activity for kids? You can also check out an event or a game at Tivoli Hall.
  • AS Boutique Hotel neighbors Preseren Square, Ljubljana Zoo, and Tivoli Garden are popular area attractions.

Lake Bled is a lovely place to be with the family. Bring your kids with you on the adventure, and capture memories as much as you can.



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