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Travel on a Budget With Teens: @we_take_a_hike

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Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by Leslie Stroud

We are a family of 4, taking a year off to travel the world. Karen – 46, Mike – 48, Keely – 14 and Alia – 12

We worked overseas before having kids, and have been hooked on traveling ever since!

We try to save money for traveling by cutting back on other areas – we only have one car, prefer cooking at home to eating out a lot. We love traveling and would rather spend money on trips than things.

Travel plans 2020-2021

We are currently in Zambia. We are heading towards Malawi and Tanzania. We are also planning a trek to Everest base camp in March, and then heading to South East Asia.

How do you handle school and medical issues while traveling

We are all learning as we go, experience based. The girls are doing math and English through a school division close to our home. The teacher gives them weekly assignments and the girls complete them when they have time and wifi! Best part is, the online schooing is free!

Favorite destinations

Mike and Karen – Nepal

Keely – Greece

Alia – Machu Picchu

7 Fun Facts about your family

We are adventurous eaters, even our girls will happily try new foods.

We have moved around a lot this year, 5 days is the longest we’ve stayed at one airbnb.

We went hot air ballooning in Egypt.

We are both teachers and are world schooling our girls as we go (plus supplimenting with some online school).

We foster puppies when we are at home.

We have been to all 10 Canadian provinces, but not the territories.

We are been to 47 counties, and the girls have been to 29.

Follow along our travels on our blog!

Blog: www.distantpath.com

Twitter: @distantpath

Facebook: @we_take_a_hike

Instagram: @we_take_a_hike

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