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Best Date Nights in Bali

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dating is our favorite hobby.  🙂 Chris is making it a major priority that we date at least twice a week.  If our relationship isn’t strong, we really can’t parent five monkeys all week very well.  We work SO hard and push SO hard in this experience; it takes a […]

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13 “Must-Eats” in Taipei

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mmm… the food of Taipei was one for the books. There is delicious food everywhere and eating out is super common. In fact, many head to 7-Eleven for dinner. There are some pretty good pre-made meals and they will warm it up for you. However, we’ve got some MUCH better […]

Asia, Travel Food

Eating Gluten-Free in Asia

Reading Time: 8 minutes Who doesn’t love to talk about food?! We are so excited to introduce our new IG channel, @thehungrywayfinder. We love to eat. We have the extra pounds and the mom-bod and dad-bod to prove it. Haha! Food used to be a HUGE part of why we traveled. We actually traveled […]