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The Technology We Travel With: Tech Packing List

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Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Leslie Stroud

Our most important and difficult category: tech! This is what keeps us traveling because it is how we make money. We carry a lot of tech and probably always will. We have at least half of a checked bag just for tech items and we carry a lot in our backpack also.

Just as a reminder, our checked luggage that we love is these Thule bags.

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Work Gear

  1. Chris’ computer: Razborblade laptop.
  2. Leslie’s Macbook
  3. Two iPad Pros
  4. LAN cable. This has come in handy many times. Chris’s computer doesn’t have the strongest Wi-Fi card, but it is incredible otherwise. He always tries to hard-line into the internet, especially for work calls. Sometimes the plug-in is across the Airbnb.
  5. USB Multi-port adapter
  6. Computer Glasses. Chris has a lot of eye strain after many hours in front of a screen (that is smaller than he would like). This helps prevent migraines for him.
  7. Sennheiser headset for work calls. This one is actually out of production, but you can find it on eBay. It has some great noise-canceling abilities. This helps when kids are screaming in the background OFTEN.
  8. Razor Orbweaver. Ergonomic mechanical keyboard.
  9. Logitech Wireless Mouse
  10. Bose Noise-cancelling headsets (both Chris and Leslie have a pair). It works great on the plane for those rare moments we get to be alone mentally 🙂
  11. Power strip. Super important for how much tech we have! It’s very hard to charge all your gear without one or two of these.

Camera/Video Gear

  1. Sony a7RIII Camera. Main picture camera and also for cool slo-mo.
  2. Three lenses: Sony 24-105mm, Sony 70-200mm and Sony 24mm
  3. Go Pro 7
  4. Go Pro Mount
  5. Cannon Mark 7ii Camera. Main vlogging camera.
  6. Jobi Gorilla Pod Tripod 1K
  7. Various lens filters: Neutral Density, UV and night
  8. Ronin Gimble
  9. DJI Drone
  10. Rode Mic Pro Plus
  11. Tripod: Jobi Gorilla Pod 3K with ball head
  12. Large Tripod. Any lightweight one will do.
  13. Audio mics: Zoom: F1-LP
  14. External 4Terabyte storage drive
  15. Adobe suite
  16. Extra Macbook for video processing

Other Gear

  1. Homeschool computers
  2. Travel cord organizer
  3. Worldwide Adapters. You’ll want these when you show up to a new place trying to work!

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