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Worldschool Packing List: 20 Must-Have Items

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Last Updated on January 24, 2022 by Leslie Stroud

I give A LOT more info about homeschooling, or worldschooling, in my other post here. However, for the sake of a packing list, here is a short version.

In backpacks:

  1. Computer
  2. Tablet
  3. Travel Journal
  4. Rod and Staff Math Facts books. These are small and fit awkwardly in the checked bags, so I put them into the backpacks for the oldest three.
  5. Headphones

In checked luggage:

  1. Pens/pencils/markers in a mesh bag
  2. Extra notebook. Just the cheap wide rule works great!
  3. Spelling books: Teacher Book, Student Book
  4. Handwriting books: Lucy, Grant, Lincoln
  5. Zearn math books
  6. Computer chargers. See tech list for more details.
  7. Junk bag: This is, essentially, my “junk drawer” in a bag. Do you have a junk drawer in your house? I packed the items I love the most that we may need. We used this bag fairly frequently! Oftentimes, Airbnbs don’t have these items, so it’s very convenient to have on hand. I love this mesh bag to hold it all!
    Some items in this bag include:
    1. Tape
    2. Scissors
    3. Small stapler and staples
    4. Glue stick
    5. Multi-purpose utility tool
    6. Carabiner. A big one can be quite helpful!
    7. Duct tape. This helps with broken luggage too!
    8. Safety pins
    9. Mini sewing kit. When you only have a few items of clothing, it helps to be able to fix them in a pinch!

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