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Our Resort Vacation in Roatan, Honduras with Kids

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Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Leslie Stroud

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This odd blip on our itinerary seems out of place.  We committed to this trip even before we finalized the plans for our big travels.

My parents have been to Anthony’s Key Resort many times and on their visit a couple of years ago, they took Goose with them. The resort is a nature preserve and they incorporate it with the camp that they offer for kids. Every day, the kids are split into groups based on age. On this trip to the resort, we brought Goose, G-man, and Batman. Goose was in the older group while the two boys were in the younger group. There were lots of different activities each day and frankly, I was jealous of what they were doing most of the time! Wished I could join them too.

Nearly every day, they would go to the dolphin preserve.  Kids learned how to give commands, had dolphin experiences, rode on the dorsal fins of the dolphins, were pushed on boogie boards by the dolphins, and discovered many of the personalities of the dolphins.  On this small island (next to the island where the cabanas were and across from the main island of Roatan) they also played in the ocean, snorkeled, and played with the resident cats.

During the week, they also visited an iguana park, a sloth preserve (Goose loved one of the sloths), an exotic animal preserve, fed monkeys, did horseback riding and the boys did something called SASY, which is basically an intro to scuba diving.  They wear a regulator and breathe through a tank and a BCD that won’t sink.

Chris, Leslie, and Lucy in wet suits after a dive

Because Goose is now 10, she was able to get scuba certified during the week and joined us for a family dive at the end of the week!  More on that in our post about diving in Roatan.

One of the highlights was the pinnate party at the end of the week and the opportunity we had to join the kids in a dolphin experience.  Normally, we would have to pay extra for this, I’m grateful we were able to do it for free this time since it’s included in the kids’ camp program.  We met Calli the dolphin and watched her perform. We also got to know more about her. The other dolphins will rub her skin and see her pull and push the kids through the water. Such fun!

Chris and Leslie taking a selfie infant of the light blue ocean

Redbeard and I spent the week diving 3-4 times per day.  Check out our other post to see some of our adventures with diving.


  1. Chana ramirez

    This is so amazing, so glad I came across this blog, my family is actually native to Honduras, I am now 36 with a 10 year old who has expressed tirelessly his will to learn his history and learn the language and understand why we’re black yet his grandparents speak Spanish. This is so lovely and makes me more comfortable to go back home for the first time and experience roatan with my son.

    • Leslie Stroud

      Hi Chana, glad you liked it! How I miss diving in Honduras! Family History is something I discuss with our kids too, and we all enjoy it every time we do. It makes a lot of difference to know and understand your roots. Have fun in Honduras! 🙂

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