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Traveling Taipei: Tips, Tricks, and Takeaways

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As our third large Asian metropolis we’ve hit, we were feeling pretty good hitting Taipei. There were a few surprises, but we loved it here.

  • Taipei is incredibly safe.  You can safely walk around at night, even alone. I talked to various female locals and they all agreed it is incredibly safe.
  • Pick up a “pocket wifi” and use it in Asia.  We pick up new SIM cards as we travel (they are always at the airport, but also at many convenience stores).  This give you wifi on the go, which is super helpful when you are on Google Maps figuring out where to go
  • Cash is king!  Bring NT dollars with you or exchange there.  You can also withdrawal from ATMs (something we do often).  Like many Asian countries, they want cash for most things.  Also, they wouldn’t take our credit cards from foreign banks.  However, I was able to use Apple Pay a lot here.
  • English is less prevalent.  Be prepared with Google Translate. We usually could find someone that could speak English, but signage is much more Chinese, which was a little tricky.
  • Uber works here. For months we’ve only been using Grab, which is an Asian version of Uber. However, our credit card was declined sometimes and we had to keep hopping card to card.
  • The MTR Is amazing.  Want to explore?  Just hop on and check out any of the stops within the city center

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