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5 Best Places for Foodies in Colorado

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Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Leslie Stroud

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If I haven’t told you yet, our family loves to eat.  We are getting more and more adventurous and overall, growing in love with food.  Like most people, travel for us rotates a great deal around the food!  In fact, our next stop which is Portland OR is a destination because of the food (a lot of “food” huh).  We found it on a list of the top US foodie destinations. We’ve been there before as a couple together with our sweet baby girl and we loved it!

I wanted to touch on some of our favorites in the south Denver area.  If you are planning for a visit, give them a try!

1. Perry’s Steakhouse:  This is one of a few locations of this steakhouse and is, of course, the most expensive option.  However, the service and food quality cannot be beaten.  The waitstaff is the most attentive of many restaurants we’ve been to.  The food is all incredibly delicious – what we love the most are their Porkchop, Chateaubriand, and handmade ice cream flambé options.  The lobster mac and cheese is also amazing (although this is no longer an option for me being gluten-free).  

2. Crave Real Burger: I’m not a huge fan of burgers, admittedly, but I’m always up for a visit to this restaurant.  They have a wide array of specialty burgers including a burger with glazed tonight’s instead of a bun. A huge variety of toppings from fried pork, bacon, egg, green chili, fried cheese, etc. You have an option to get a burger on a bed of salad greens also. The shakes are good too! My favorite is the Velvet Elvis which has peanut butter, bacon, and banana.

3. Pierre Micheal French Bakery:  Sadly, we didn’t go to this during our visit to Colorado because I just couldn’t stomach being gluten-free and going here.  Their pastries are the best I have ever had specifically anything with Nutella.  They have an amazing menu that includes egg dishes with brie cheese, vegetables, meats, etc.  (pronouncing what’s on the list is quite a challenge for me! 🙂 ). The owner is often the one who’s serving. He is hard to understand because of his French accent, which is a great sign, right?!

4. Alamo Drafthouse: This is also a chain in specific areas of the country.  It’s actually a movie theater with a full-service and a delicious restaurant.  Their food is really, really good! They serve both comfort food and healthy, gluten-free options, plus flavorful desserts (on our latest visit, Chris had some amazing sour cream donuts that I was mouthwatering after).  We were able to see a double feature for the new Jurassic Park and we loved it!

5. Jelly Cafe:  This one is new for us.  We attended the Molly Brown House Museum and needed some food. This gem was just around the corner and we loved it the first time!  We had all the kids, thankfully we went on an off-hour because I know they must have a hearty wait time sometimes.  What we enjoyed most was their brunch (Jelly Cafe can make gluten-free pancakes and donut bites), drinks, and the super-fun atmosphere.  They also have vintage cereal boxes around the walls that the kids enjoyed inspecting.

Do you have any favorites in the Denver area?

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