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Best Ways to Enjoy Monteverde, Costa Rica With Kids

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Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Leslie Stroud

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When you think of Costa Rica you probably have a few expectations: beautiful beaches, wildlife, and misty rainforests.

Monteverde, meaning Green Mountain, checks off the “misty rainforest” box to the extreme. This mountain town teeters on edges at every turn and feels like a tropical ski town in the sky.

I loved this little town in Costa Rica. It might be my favorite spot of our 10-days trip. I felt like it was the closest thing to what I expected from Costa Rica.

Getting To Monteverde

We drove from La Fortuna. The distance is not very many kilometers, but the roads make it about a 2-3 hour drive. The roads are steep, windy, and not all paved. Plan for some extra time to get there.

If it’s rainy season, you must have a 4×4 car. The roads are not in the best condition and you might get stuck.

While in Monteverde, you’ll want your own car with kids. Walking is not a great idea as there are not many sidewalks and you’ll be sharing the road with cars. There are taxis avaiable as well, but with kids, I would not want to depend on these.

What To Do in Monteverde With Kids

Hanging Bridges in The Cloud Forest

You’ve probably seen these iconic cloud forest photos in your Costa Rica planning and you don’t want to miss these. There are several options for hanging bridges and we used this one, which includes eight hanging bridges over 1.9 miles, a sloth park, butterfly park, and more. I read this one has the most options and since we had one day, I thought this was best.

Animal Parks and Butterfly Parks

Butterfly parks pop up all over Costa Rica and Monteverde has some great options. Learn about the life of the butterfly, from caterpillar to butterfly, and see all stages in real-time. Butterfly parks are so much work to maintain it requires full-time staff! They must pull caterpillars out each day so as to not destroy the plants.

Additionally, there are many animal parks, like this one, in Monteverde. You can see monkeys, sloths and more! We tried to spot sloths in the wild, but without a guide it’s nearly impossible. I loved seeing the rescue park and watching them eat lunch.

Sky Tram

Take a tram across the cloud forest instead of walking over bridges at this location. They also have zip-lining options.


Zip-lining might be the most popular tourist activity in Costa Rica and literally can be done anywhere in the country. Monteverde is no different! My friend Laura posted about her experience with young kids here. Since we’ve already zip-lined with the kids in various tropical locations, we skipped this activity in Costa Rica.

Chocolate and Animal Night Tour

Chocolate and coffee tours are popular in various parts of Costa Rica. Both crops are grown in Costa Rica and it’s magical to see the process in person.

We loved our tour at night with Don Juan Tours. Our guide was incredible with kids and we all loved seeing, smelling, tasting, and making chocolate together!

We then headed outside to find nocturnal animals in the dark (with provided flashlights). My young kids are way too loud to see much, but it was super fun. We found huge ant trails, frogs, spiders and some monkeys in the trees.

Where to Stay in Monteverde with Kids

Our amazing Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica. The perfect accommodation for traveling with kids to Monteverde.

We love Airbnb for our family while we travel and have stayed at over 50 Airbnb homes in the last three years! We always will recommend it for many reasons you can find in this post. New to Airbnb? Use this link for up to $60 off your first stay!

We stayed in this Airbnb in Monteverde and it was completely magical. The host was incredibly kind and patient. The owner couple owns the sushi restaurant in town and has created a truly magical space!

If hotels are your thing, there are several boutique hotels in Monteverde. I recommend Booking.com for exploring your options.

Our Favorite Eats in Monteverde With Kids

Stella’s Bakery

Stella’s Monteverde – Great food in Costa Rica for kids

This gem happened to be down the driveway from our Airbnb, but it is famous in Monteverde and for good reason! This bakery was so good we came back twice more. The food is amazing and delicious. You can enjoy the garden area, which often gets monkey visitors. I also recommend getting some pastries to-go!

Tico Y Rico’s

Tico Y Rico’s authentic Costa Rican food, Monteverde Costa Rica

Recommended to us by a tour guide, this is a wonderful option for authentic Costa Rican food. We loved the casados, of course, as well as the grill plates to share.

Other Things To Know About Monteverde

  • Toilet paper shouldn’t be flushed here. It’s gross and reminds us of Thailand, but it’s expected that you will throw away your used toilet paper in the trash can instead of in the toilet. This is probably due to sensitive septic systems.
  • If you experience car sickness, pull out the medicine when driving to or within Monteverde. The drive is also best during the day, but we did it at night.
  • This area is quite touristy and I found it to be the most built out for tourism. This was comforting for us, in a way.
  • It can be quite a bit cooler here! We needed our pants and jackets.
  • Wildlife is plentiful and you’ll want bug spray.

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