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Visiting the Portland Zoo

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We took a venture down to the Zoo (all by public transportation- so easy and cool) on a perfect Saturday evening.  It was beautiful and classic Portland as I came to see it.

The Zoo has an amazing forest all around, so it feels semi-secluded in parts.  I loved this.  As for exhibits, it had all the classics you might desire to see.  Things I had not seen before including a neat American Eagle exhibit, Condors, and a neat little farm exhibit (think semi-petting zoo/farm).

We did have a pretty cool experience with the elephants since it was near the end of the day.  One female elephant was being hosed off the cool her off and fed carrots and vegetables.  The staff worked let me kids hold the hose to point at her and throw her some food.  It was very fun to see her up close.  It made me really excited for some of our future adventures in Thailand!

One other thing I thought was pretty neat- during the summer they do concerts on select Saturday nights with some pretty big names.  A concert was happening that night, in fact, and I thought it would be a great venue.  We didn’t have anything we wanted to see during our stay, but maybe someday in the future.

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